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In the article of Lisa Miller, Is Ethical Parenting Possible?, it talks about how in parenthood there is no moral and it is very interesting to know that parents will do anything, wether it's wrong or bad, for their child to have a better life. Being godmother of a 2weeks old child makes me realize that even though I'm not his mother, I still feel very protective over him, and I can't imagine how my sister feels. That's why I chose this topic because I could see my sister relate to most of the things in this article.

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For many years, people have been concerned about the fate of the music industry as more and more internet users download or stream songs illegally.  Since the arrival of Netflix and similar services, it is the movie industry that is being targeted.  When I came across the article linked below, it made me reflect on the way Netflix is starting to revolutionize the film industry and its economy.  My family and I use the service and enjoy it. Should Netflix and similar services exist?

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In the article of Paul C Mclean, Should a death row inmate be allowed to donate his organs?,, he talks about an inmate that raped and murdered a child, which is why he was sentenced to death and is currently on death row. While Phillips is on death row, he's contemplating the idea of donating some of his organs to his mother and his sister. His sister is in need of a heart and his mother, a kidney.

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