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                An article posted by CBC “16th North Atlantic right whale found dead off Cape Cod” addresses the most recent discovery of a small right whale found dead on an island off Cape Cod. In the past year, 16 North Atlantic right whales have been found dead along North American coastlines. With there only being 450 right whales left in the world these deaths have an enormous impact on the population. There is likely even more deaths that we are not aware of.

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CBC news posted an article on Sept 13, 2017 about the decline of Canada's Wildlife. A report by the World Wildlife Fund showed that over half of Canada's vertebrate species populations are in decline. The declines are due to habitat loss, climate change, invasive species, pollution, over-harvesting, etc. Many species have been listed under Canada's Species at Risk Act however, these species populations are still declining despite the federal legislation protecting them.

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