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Man allegedly shot and killed by police for holding a “gun” up and having drugs on him. Witnesses stated Mr.Scott did not have a gun in his hand , he was holding up a book.

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The Syrian civil war is taking a toll on the world but as well as their countrymen. This year alone estimates have the total Syrian refugee count at 4 million souls!

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Vigilante laws like “stand your ground” are driving trends of violent racism in America to an all time high. Second amendment related gun laws paired with bigotry as old as the country itself are becoming a more violent combination.

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Suicides among military service members, current and prior, constitute about one-fifth of all suicides in the US. This article discusses how the military handles this and why it is such a big issue due to the emotional havoc it wreaks, as well as financial cost as a consequence, leaving the reader with the question of how to solve it for good.

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I know that if you are not being bullied you probably don’t care about this article, but imagine when you are a parent, this could happen to your children, be aware!

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