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  In the article "Let's Welcome Refugees Generously, but Abandon Multiculturalism", published in the Montreal Gazette on September 15, 2015, the lawyer Julius H. Grey share his opinion about the attitude of our societies towards the refugee waves in the world. He explains why people should be more open to taking refugees. Most of people are not open to this idea. They think that those people will steal their job, bring problems or destroy their culture. It is clear that those refugees are hard-working in the majority and they are themselves running away from problems.

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The article illustrates how male celebrities often seem to face fewer repercussions in regard to violence against women. The article does this through examples like Dr. Dre and Sean Penn, whose violent pasts are rarely talked about and still manage to live very lucrative, successful lives with their reputations unblemished. The author argues that celebrity culture revolves around men. Therefore, celebrity culture is designed to protect men in order to keep their power intact. (Blay, “Why Do Famous Men Keep Getting Away With Violence Against Women?”)

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In the advertisement chosen, a nude woman is in an animal-like position with her knees and hands on the floor. Her head is bowed down and an array of purses, shoes, sunglasses, watches and belts are placed on top of her as if she is a table. This table-like positioning sexually objectifies the female body. She is no longer seen as a human being with a personality or feelings; she’s simply a commodity. Her presence is solely to aid in sexually pleasuring the viewer. Additionally, hair covers her bowed head and we cannot see her face.

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Abortion has always been a highly controversial subject. All around the world, thoughts about the issue have been antithetic one from another, depending on which worldview is shared or not. Abortion in Paraguay for example, is illegal. However, are there any exceptions at accepting an abortion? If the pregnancy shows no considerable threat to the health of the carrier, is it ethical to refuse to perform an abortion, or should the mother have the choice?

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