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Race relations has taken a huge step forward since the civil rights outcry of the 1960s, and although there is still much to be desired if we want a world of true racial equality, the progress that has been made is still something to be admired. An entire societal overhaul has taken place, and in only 50 years we have altered the societal norm for race relations from one of rigorous segregation and dominance, to one far closer to equality and integration. The civil rights movement that we studied made some great progress.

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Neoliberalist free trade policies are a net negative for the environment, as the mass transportation of goods over extended distances not only uses up an extensive amount of resources while also spreading diseases and limiting genetic diversity among products as mass production tactics continue to limit the genetic material of goods, such as corn. Free trade is getting less harmful to the environment though, as trade agreements such as the TPP in coordination with worldwide environmental groups attempt to set standards for environmental impact of production.

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Today, I would like to talk about the issue of refugees in Japan. In this paper, I would like to focus on three points. The first one is the institution that how the Japanese government accepts refugees. The second one is how many people tried to migrate to Japan last year. The last one is what happens if people are accepted as refugees in Japan.

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