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We spend at least twelve years of our lives in a school setting in the presence of teachers. Almost everyone has a teacher who has influenced their lives and for many instilled a love of learning and a want to educate. Education is not gender biased and teaching is not specifically geared toward one gender. Schools however, are seeing less and less male teachers. Elementary and Middle Schools specifically are seeing fewer men, with less than twenty percent of teachers being male. Part of this can be due to the low salary and less prestige that teaching in American now holds.

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Scandals like the Volkswagen emissions debacle put stress on customers, shareholders, and staff, but for the wrong reasons. Most organizations caught in similar scenarios panic about financial standing and professional reputation, and therefore it’s unsurprising to find that VW is far from being the only company caught cheating numbers in emissions trading schemes.

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In the article “Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution” the Guardian reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a health warning about deadly levels of air pollution.The high levels of smog are appearing in cities with high population growth, and is created by mix of transport fumes, construction dust, toxic gases from power generation and wood burning in homes.

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In the City of Toronto, a new elevated park has been proposed to be built across the railway tracks in the downtown core. With the addition of Rail Deck Park, it would increase the amount of green space in the area, which is lacking compared to other parts of Toronto. According to interviewed citizens living downtown, many agree that a park is much needed in the area. The drawback however is the hefty price tag associated with the development: $1.05 billion dollars (CAD).

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