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Emma McCune went to great lengths in order to save many child soldiers from the rebel army. What do you think motivates someone to take on such a big responsibility?

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During the first Gulf War, journalist Kenneth Jarecke took real and shocking pictures of war. His goal was to show them to the citizens of America in order for them to realize that "war is ugly". Why do you think people should see pictures like this in the media? Or why do you believe these images should stay where they come from?

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On the website, the definition of extremism is “the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism”. This definition is coherent with my original view of the word, but it definitely adds to what I thought it meant. I was not sure of the extension of this word. Now, it is very clear that it is meant for politics and religion.

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In this article, Kathryn Greenaway presents the new urban development plan in Pointe-Claire. This project called the Land Use and Development Plan started at the beginning of April. This plan’s main goals are to increase the density of the town as well as to decrease the environmental damages. In order to achieve this, TODs (targeted areas for densification) will be constructed within a kilometre of any public transportation centre. The three train stations in Pointe-Claire will make these changes a lot easier. These TODs will need to include at least 40 residences per hectare.

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In the article “Canada agrees to work to prevent fishing in High Arctic” by The Canadian Press, five of the artic nations have agreed that all future commercial fishing in the central part of the Artic Ocean needs to temporarily stop. The five nations included Canada, the United States, Russia, Denmark and Norway, who all came to the same conclusion that a block on all commercial fishing should be put forth, which would give scientists enough time to complete their research. Unfortunately, when the fishing ban was proposed, only three of the nations supported it.

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              In the article "'Only 50 Years Left' for Sea Fish" by Richard Black, the author argues that fish are over-exploited . He makes reference to a scientific study stating that in half a century, there will be no more fish in seas if the current pattern is continuous (the pattern being the rate of decline in sea fisheries accelerating rapidly). According to Boris Worm, a researcher from Canada's Dalhousie University, we exploit species of fish until there is no more, assuming that there will be other species to exploit.

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In this article, Stephen Chase tries to initiate people to help the Atlantic salmon situation. This salmon has been in the ocean for such a long time, it is a part of us. It is important touristically, culturally and economically. Times are hard for the Atlantic salmon. Its environment is aggravating everyday and overfishing is causing a decrease in their numbers. In forty years, the quantity of salmon returning to the east coast of Canada has dropped from 1.8 million to 0.7 million. Only eighteen rivers out of sixty had enough fish in them to meet their conservation levels.

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In this article, Alfonso Mucci explains how oceans remove CO2 from the atmosphere, which affects aquatic ecosystems. This effect cleans the air, but pollutes bodies of water even more. Oceans come to be too acidic. Micro-organisms are at risk of becoming extinct, which in turn can deeply affect other species. The long-term repercussions are very hard to predict since gasified water descends to the bottom of the ocean very slowly. No one can know exactly what lies in the future for these ecosystems. An European scientist predicted over a century ago that this would happen.

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In this article, René Bruemmer explains how the city of Laval has declined the Energy East pipeline proposal as well as encouraging other communities to do the same. They have the power together to change things and they intend on using it. Laval worries about its citizens’ wellbeing, the impact on the environment as well as the possible spills in the bodies of water surrounding the city. Pipelines in use cause several spills already and the mayor of Laval does not want it happening to his city.

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