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In our modern society, the population is exposed to multiple threatening and addicting obstacles that can hurt anyone and those around them. The most vulnerable members of the population are the young, therefore the adolescents are the most susceptible to addiction and the abuse of substances whether its illicit or prescription drugs. The causes of drug abuse are numerous and the consequences are even more substantial. The youth of today’s societies are faced with the large threat of drugs surrounding them.   Historical Context

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The Money Lust   Poaching is defined by illegally capturing wildlife animal around the world. This causes a great impact towards both economic and environmental social aspects. Poaching occurs mostly in Africa as the wild animals, such as elephants, are being hunted for their husks containing ivory. This brings a great deal of money towards the black market but damages the environment in exchange mainly causing certain species to go extinct. This article will hopefully lead the readers to fully understand what poaching is and why it is such an important illegal activity.

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Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman as well as a reality TV star. He is running to be at the lead of the federal Conservative party, along with 13 other people. News summary from an article by BBC News wrote on January 18th article does not have an author: it means that BBC, a pretty trusted news site, takes responsibility for this article, which makes it reliable.

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