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      In this advertisement, 5 men who fit the alpha-male category are surrounding a woman who is physically pinned down to the floor. The man who is dominating her is shirtless, consequently attributing a sexual connotation to his actions, while 4 other men in provocative clothing stand watching them with a brooding, erotic look in their eye. Starring in an Haute-Couture fashion brand such as D&G, the female model is flawlessly upholding a high-fashion aesthetic; thin silhouette with sexy curves, beautiful face and has skin that shines just as bright as her voluminous hair.

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In late March 2016, Calvin Klein ran an ad campaign that was labelled by many as sexist. The slogan for the ad was “I _____ in my calvins.” It was run with many variations such as “I star in my calvins” and “I make money in my Calvins.” It was one particular ad that was seen as a direct example of sexism.

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