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Lecturer in energy & environmental management. Former consultant/advisor on climate change & environmental management.
Runner, swimmer, cyclist and mountaineer.


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Group 3 Our group chose to discuss the shell oil spill in Nigeria in further detail. Shell was repeatedly warned by its own employees about the pipeline leaking but did not take fault until the pipeline burst in November 2008. Theft along the oil pipeline is uncontrollable, and it is thought that the JTF and police are allowing this to take place only if they are paid off. Key stakeholders are Shell and the military forces.

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Summary of Niger Delta oil spill 2008. The manufacture of oil revealed in the Niger Delta at about 4 decades, is causing a destructing effect in Nigeria. Families live along with the oil fields are breathing in methane gas as well as coping with frequent oil leakage in Africa's largest oil exporter. Oil giant Shell, the major Company responsible for the exploration in the Niger Delta region where they get 10% of its oil; is failing to invest in its networks to prevent pollution(BBC News 2013).     v  What is the situation?  

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For our group, we decided on the Warren County case. What happened was a man and his two sons illegally dumped 31,000 gallons of contaminated soil along 240 miles of roadsides in 14 North Carolina counties. Because of this, the state of North Carolina had to find a place to dump all the contaminated soil, therefore building a landfill in Warren County, North Carolina near people’s houses. The people protested because of all the health problems the contaminated soil can cause.

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Having discussed public opinion on fracking, our groups came to a conclusion that people's perception of fracking is mostly negative in both countries. Though potentially dangerous to environment and communities, fracking is an effective and relatively cheap method of extracting previously unattainable fossils. Because there seem to be as many benefits to fracking as there are drawbacks, it became quite a controversial issue in both the US and the UK.

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Summary on wind power Perception/ GROUP 1 UK vs. US Wind power is the energy extracted from wind using wind turbines to produce electricity. It is a clean source of energy providing a safe way of producing electricity, rather than the conventional known resources such as oil and gas.

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After an extensive discussion with our American counterparts, we discovered that our standpoints on fracking were more related than diverse. Common knowledge states that fracking may have severe impacts on public health (e.g. contamination of water supplies) and the environment (releasing methane into the atmosphere), but overall proves to be an effective technique in extracting previously unrecoverable fossil resources. In the past decade, there has been a decline in oil reservoir discoveries, resulting in a challenge when it comes to supplying the rapidly increasing energy demand.

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Historical summaryEarly European offshore wind energy studies, carried out during the late 1970s and early 1980s, generally concentrated on assessments of three key interrelated issues:-• wind speeds and wind characteristics,• The magnitude of the energy resource,• The feasibility and cost of building wind turbines offshore

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This fourth task aims to explore similarities and differences in the UK and USA in the public’s attitude to wind power. You (the UK based students) have been given two articles by Jones & Eiser (2009 & 2010). You will need these and maybe some of the papers they cite for your Field trip Essay for 114GED. Below are some guide questions to help you read, interpret and understand these two articles. You will also have access to a summary of two journal article of US based studies of public attitudes to wind power.  

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This week’s task is to have a discussion on fracking different public and governmental approaches in the UK and the USA. Publish a summary of your discussion to News Activist. You need to do this by Sunday 23rd November   Key questions to consider (you dont have to answer all of these, they are just to help get the discusion started!) 1)     What are the drivers in the UK and USA for the development of fracking? 2)     What are the UK/USA government’s main party’s positions on fracking (i.e. pro/anti/divided)?

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Joe Cloke Group 3 U.S/U.K WIND ENERGY SUMMARY U.S/U.K               Wind energy plays an important role in today’s renewable energy sources. The U.S and U.K are both currently using wind energy to supplement the use of traditional sources of energy production, such as nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Wind energy has proven to have less negative effect on the environment, and is a much cheaper source of energy production. The U.S and the U.K have similar views on wind energy, with just a few differences.

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There were many similarities and differences between the U.S. articles and the U.K. articles. For the discussion our group came up with, we saw that for both sets of articles, the people in communities seemed to favor certain renewable energies that were more popular with the public officials; they were drawn towards the more voted for energies. For the U.S. articles, the certain types of energies were voted upon political groups such as democrats and republicans. The democrats have solar power as their top choice and the republicans have natural gas as their top choice. For the U.K.

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 This is the link ;    

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In this summary we are going to explain in concise the process of fracking techniques; its advantages for the economy and energy industry as well as the impact in the population health and the environment.

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Climate Change Article Summary Group 3 10/25/14   Our group chose to pick articles that we felt were relevant to our degrees.  The U.K group chose an online article from BBC News concerning permafrost melting in Siberia. The American group chose a similar online article from USA Today concerning permafrost melting in Alaska.  As a group we discussed the similarities between the two articles. We also discussed any differences between the two articles, but found only one difference.

1,446 | 3 | 0 The production and use of renewable energy such as solar, bio-fuel, hydro- and wind energy has been on the rise. However, is this increase in production fast enough to counteract the rapid increase in demand due to population growth? 

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   Competitors, like Redbull, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Unilever, are coming together for a more sustainable environment. Having realised that working together is key to making a change, the rival companies have formed a partnership encouraging climate-friendly alternatives to refrigeration units, using fluorinated gases.   Please leave any questions or comments :) Link below ↓

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In terms of agreement with Al Gore’s Documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, our group came to agree with factual evidence shown by Al Gore, such as pollution statistics, political issue and concerns with the economy. There are a variety of issues that contribute to the increase in global warming especially human activity. However we came to realise that climate is also under the influence of natural activity that humans have no control over, this sparks the debate whether Global warming is really down to man-made technology.

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  As students studying Oil, Gas and Energy Management, we were tasked to watch “An Inconvenient Truth”, a film about global warming and climate change in general. Here are our views after watching the film:   Generally, our group was a little divided on this issue. The images and data shown to us was quite alarming and one cannot watch that without it impacting on one’s views on the topic. 

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  After watching “An Inconvenient Truth”, we realized certain facts, that we have not previously considered. Human kind has evolved so much for the past few decades. Since the “Industrial Revolution”, we have made amazing technological and scientific breakthroughs, such as space travel, vaccines for otherwise terminal diseases and, of course, wireless technology. The aforementioned have enabled us to prosper, as a species, and go beyond boundaries, previously  unreachable.

12,699 | 2 | 0 The United States as a whole decided not to take action in climate change. But a few individual states and cities chose to do something anyway, one of which is California. The article is about how they are the leading force in climate change, and how they were the ones who started it. It also asks a big question, do we have to do this alone?

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This article describes how an arboretum can provide climate change experiments.:

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You need to watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and discuss it with your UK/US group. Below are some questions to help kick start or guide your discussion. Following your disucssion you need to provide a summary of your disucssion (including key points, different perceptions of the film from the group members and what conclusions you agreed/came to) and post it on News Activist under this assignment. This will help you later in your graded assignment. 

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Upload/share a selfie/phot of yourself and provide a brief introduction. What is your name Where are you from What are you studying for? What kind of accommodation are you living in? How do you get to classes? (walk/bus etc) Why did you choose this course in this location? What are your career aspirations? Explain your photo e.g. where was it taken? 

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Lecturer in energy & environmental management. Former consultant/advisor on climate change & environmental management.
Runner, swimmer, cyclist and mountaineer.