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We've all heard it before, domestic violence is a very real and present issue in many cultures today, and celebrities are no exception. A recent BBC article interviewed Rihanna about the very exposed abusive relationship she endured with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna points out interesting things related to her specific case of domestic abuse and how she managed to thrive for a change by trying to reform her ex-boyfriend, even though the violence was still pursuing in her life.  

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Large corporations use around 180.12 billion U.S. dollars each year in total on advertising alone, this amount of money goes over the GDP of some countries around the world, and it keeps on increasing every year. It comes as no surprise then that, as more advertising is made, more companies need to find simple and effective ways to sell their products. A common technique used by the most powerful corporations around the world today is explained in the saying: sex sells.

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Since long ago, men have had a strict guideline to follow so that they are considered “real men”. Critical analysis of men and their gender role created men movements during the 1970’s. These movements established the notion that men are oppressed by their gender and that this oppression is a result of psychological pressure and constraint put on men by the society that we live in. it’s basically gender defined roles and expectations of men to the public eye. what exactly the crisis in masculinity is and how this crisis has affected the performance of masculinity by men.

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