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       In February, the Korean girl group Six Bomb has revealed their teaser image for their music video "Becoming Prettier Before” (“Becoming Prettier Before”). The image shows the four young women wrapped in colorful bandages while their new faces, which have cost 100 million KRW or $88,000 to their management company, are revealed in the music video “Becoming Prettier After” (“Mathew”).

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              In Canada, health institutions are not obliged by the law to grant the family of the deceased the right to veto the donor’s consent to organ donation (qtd. in Zafar). Yet, many health authorities choose to respect the bereaved relatives’ wishes of preserving the deceased’s body in spite of the latter’s clear consent. It is essential that medical professionals use virtue ethics in order to do the surgical removal of organs and balance the deceased’ interests, the family’s concerns and the patients’ needs.

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  Nowadays, many developed countries realized the importance of prostitution industry make the prostitution business legally already. Some countries which depend on the tourist industry even use prostitution industry as a major economic income. However, not all the countries can tolerate the existence of prostitute. In some conservative countries such like China, the governments are still strictly cracked down the prostitution industry. However, their ways of doing thing does not help to stop this industry at all.

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