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Nowadays dating starts at a very young age, 13 or maybe 14 for some kids. For others dating is a sense of freedom to date who you want and find a compatible companion that you can have fun with and hang with. For me, dating didn't even come to my mind at that age, I was more focused on other things in life. My whole life, my paretns told me "no dating until your 18" and I had no issue with that. I didn't really start having crushes unitl I was 15 and even then I knew I would wait until I was 18 to start dating.

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As a child, boys and girls would always pick on the opposite sex about who was better. Little did we know that it was all based on the numbers of men and women that were in the world. Since 1960, men have outnumbered women in the world. Which means that for every 100 women there are 101.8 men. However, a recent map from the Pew Research Center shows there is an equal amount of men to women. Based on the map, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia are several countries that have the largest female population.

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      In this advertisement, 5 men who fit the alpha-male category are surrounding a woman who is physically pinned down to the floor. The man who is dominating her is shirtless, consequently attributing a sexual connotation to his actions, while 4 other men in provocative clothing stand watching them with a brooding, erotic look in their eye. Starring in an Haute-Couture fashion brand such as D&G, the female model is flawlessly upholding a high-fashion aesthetic; thin silhouette with sexy curves, beautiful face and has skin that shines just as bright as her voluminous hair.

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