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            In the wake of Freddie Gray, a 25-year old black man who died from a severe spinal injury perpetrated by a white police officer, an expression of outrage has erupted. Civil rights activists of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore stand united in the fight against systematic oppression. However, many criticize the state of the protests. These individuals are missing the underlying issue of the violent protests in Baltimore.

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On March 2, 2015, a video was posted on Twitter that shows Boko Haram beheading two men in front of the camera - extremely similar to the technique used by ISIS in order to spread terror. This 6-minute video, titled “Harvest of the Spies”, shows the two victims kneeling down in front of several militants, mostly clad in black and all of them unidentifiable. The video was heavily edited with music, graphics and special effects, which proves its similarity once again with the way ISIS releases their footage to the public.

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In recent years, “trends” have risen where depressed teens turn to their social media platforms either as an outlet for a cry for help or a way to broadcast their final words to friends, families and followers. The sickening thing is, this has grown to be so common that most of us, while browsing the web, will cross a story of a teenage suicide broadcasted online, and fail to even blink an eye. Now, two very prevalent topics of today's generation have found common ground. 

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The British monarchy has been ruled by the royal family for centuries. Their lives are constantly being followed and documented for everyone to know. The birth of Prince William and Kate's daughter has dominated media coverage not only in the UK but in all parts of the world. People are so consumed with the lives of the royal family and crave details about every little thing. Numerous articles and news reports have been documenting the entire pregnancy and as soon as they could, the birth.

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It seems that every time you turn on the TV or open your computer you’re bound to see headlines about riots. In the United States there has been a huge movement: “Black Lives Matter”.  We are bound to have heard the stories of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner and most recently, Fredie Gray, through all of the media coverage.   

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The Kardashian name is seen on every platform of media to be imagined. They’ve conquered the Instagram and Twitter world with their infamous “selfies”, and shocking, half naked pictures of one another. They’re number one method: the shock value. Even from the beginning one could have foreshadowed this family of ridiculousness. It all started with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape after all.  But now Kim seems to be the “normal” one.  

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      Let us take a minute to dream and fantasize about an ideal world where problems of race and religion simply do not exist. A world where neither holy books define us, nor skin color integrates or disintegrates us. We are just humans and only our actions define us. However, this dream cannot possibly last long, we live in the real world. Where religion and race are notions that many people experience conflict over. Mocking someone’s racial background never ends well. This is something sensitive, it is a connection deeply embedded with the idea of our own existence.

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An article on Quartz discusses an important ethical issue. In February 2014, the Representation Project started a campaign on twitter called #Askhermore which encourages rep carpet reporters to ask female actors more meaningful questions about their career and causes rather than their appearance. The campaign has gained public support from many female actors such as Amy Phoeler and Reese Witherspoon. The most typical question female actors receive is “Who are you wearing?” and the #Askhermore campaign is trying to eliminate that question.

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