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In 2016, Suitsupply, an Amsterdam based company released some controversial ads promoting their new spring/summer collection. Their campaign is called “Toy Boy”, and displays men as a small/ toy-like playing on a woman’s chest. When looking at this ad it could be difficult to understand what the company is trying to sell, and the first guess would definitely not be affordable suits for men. The ad objectifies, sexualizes, and degrades women.

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 Breaking bad a famous television show for its plot around protagonist Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with stage III Cancer. Walter is given two years to live, he decides to use his chemistry experience to make, and sell crystal meth with one of his former students to secure money for his family’s future. Walter is portrayed as a man committing crimes as a solution to difficult life circumstances. He is the main source of income at home, works to provide for his family.  Knowing the struggles his wife and child will go through.

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