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A. The topic of this paper is organized crime in Quebec. This paper will look at organized crime in the province of Quebec while identifying certain groups such as the Hells Angels or the Italian Mafia. In addition, the social issue will be analyzed through using different theories and encountering the causes, the debates on the topic, the effects of organized crime in this geographical location, and lastly, some solutions.

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a.      Topic and Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of the paper is the issues the Aboriginal communities in Canada face and how it affects their lives. The paper will be an analytical essay that attempts to explain why these many problems exist and how they affect the communities. The essay will also include an analysis of the Canadian population’s attitudes regarding these communities. Finally, it will address the different methods that we can aid these communities to return to their former glory and wellbeing.

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a. The topic of the paper is the War on Drugs in the United States of America. The paper will be comparative and analytical as it will analyze the effects that the War on Drugs has on both US civilians and the US economy. This paper will compare the negative effects that the War on Drugs has as well as some positive effects that it brings. This paper will conclude with possible methods to minimize the harmful effects of the drug trade as well as minimize the drug trade itself.

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