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Travel5142001 Tomohiro Aoki

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This article writes about mistake of Honda. The mistake is air bag. A lot of car has the mistake air bag, so Honda should immediately say sorry and do repair, but they didn’t say immediately. they call safety improvement campaign to repair. I think this article is sad because I was trust Honda and I ride car of Honda but first Honda didn’t say we made mistake, so I can’t trust Honda.  

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     I will write about Olympic relationships Japan. Japan has opened Olympics four times. Japan has opened two times summer Olympics and two times winter Olympics. First time is 1964 October 10th to 27th. First I will introduce about why Japan can open Olympic. Maybe you don’t know the reason, so I want to you know why. Second I will write about the day and what did Japanese people doing to the day.

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       Recently, I often see a lot of people who are listening to music. Of course, I everyday listen to my favorite music because I can be happy and calm. Also, Japanese music is very good which a reason almost of people listen to Japanese music. I asked some of students and could get interesting answer. This time, I want to introduce Japanese music.  

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Japanese fashion 5142050 Yamamoto Mizuki The kimono is the traditional Japanese national costume worn with a sash, or obi. It is principally made of wool, cotton and silk. Nowadays young people wear the kimono less frequently and only for special occasions, such as the New Year's Day, Coming-of-Age Day or wedding receptions. Even though it's beautiful to look at, the kimono does not allow much freedom of movement and is quite expensive compared to Western clothes. Few young people can put on a kimono by themselves either, and

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     Everyone knows Japanese people doesn’t speak exactly when it comes to speaking English, despite receiving six years of English education. Because there are several reasons, this article is written about the reasons.      I know the enough English words that I can talk English conversation by high school graduation. However, I still can’t conversation in English well. So, I read this article, I thought I want my helpful even a little. Reference

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5. Opinions about the story:I like this article, because I was in tennis club when I was junior high school student. Nishikori is my longing player. This article write sentence of Nishikori. 6. Summary or Plot (no more than 5 sentences)This article write about Nishikori. Nishikori is tennis player rank 5 all over the world.Nishikori was attention by many people.became the first Asian singles player to qualify for the prestigious season-ending Tour Finals after climbing to fifth in the world rankings.Many people want to his win. 

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I liked Doraemon, because it is very convenient for people.I didn’t like Suneo, because he is meanness. Japanese famous animation Doraemon will be aired in USA.Doraemon’s name will remain intact in the English version.But another character’s name will change.For example Nobita will be renamed Noby, Shizuka will be renamed Sue.The futuristic gadgets name also change. For example, Hopter for Takekopter.Doraemon has been aired 35 countries.

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I like this article, because I like pokemon. But recently pokemon became complex and increase monster. This article’s movie is “Pikachu, what are these keys for?”, I didn’t watch this movie, so I want to watch this movie.  This article was written about new movie of Pokemon.Pokemon is one of the famous animation all over the world.July 19th movie will kick off, “Pikachu, what are these keys for?” also will kick off same day.There are some interesting event about these movie in Tokyo.AKB48’s members also come these events.

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  I think this article is very interesting, because this topic introduce Monkey Island. Monkey Island is famous to fisherman. I want to fishing big fish and walking there. This article write monkey island’s view is very good. This article write about monkey island. Monkey island is not people island, so famous for fisherman. monkey island has not concrete wall, so beautiful view.  

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     Japan has some traditional events, Children’s Day, Setsubun and more. This time, I will introduce Obon which has long history. Also, America has an event which is similar to Obon. This event is Halloween. I want to introduce different points between Obon and Halloween to compare both events and to find good points about each event.  

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