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Just like rumors of a hookup between two students travel a high school at the speed of light, news coverage on shocking scientific discoveries can get global coverage in a matter of hours. The omnipresence of science in the media is found in the wide array of documentaries seen on television, but also as news coverage on emergency health reports on emerging diseases. Moreover, the name of science is often relied upon as an authoritative figure putting a moral seal of approval on health products.

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The issue of terrorism has never been more of importance than now, with the recent attacks on the French journal Charlie Hebdo. On January 7th 2015, two Jihadist brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 journalists of Charlie Hebdo, an editorial known for its opinion on Islam and terrorism (BBC News). The days following the attack, a hostage taking situation happened in a supermarket. Amedy Coulibaly and his wife Hayat Boumeddiene were the principal actors of the siege (BBC News).

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Food; a broad term for sure, many thoughts come to mind when the word food is said. It could drift the attention to diet, obesity, comfort and pleasurable food, all the way to junk food. However, they all boil down to one source; it is the food industry. But how clean and concerned is this industry with people’s health? Probably, not at all.

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Not-so-secret fact: animals are being used as test subjects in laboratories to develop new products. However, what is the great moral dilemma behind this practice? In fact, what has been taboo in science in the Middle Ages can now be perceived as common training for many aspiring to be doctors in the 21st century. All this is justified in the name of science and human progress.

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