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Athletes playing rugby are being encouraged to stay on the field and suffer through injury due to social pressure and an athlete’s socialization. Cultures within many sporting contexts encourage athletes to play through minor aches and pains. Some common phrases that athletes encounter are “take one for the team” or “to suck it up”. A study was conducted by a participant observation to explore this phenomenon. One of the researchers volunteered as a first aid provider at a high school for a rugby team and the other as an athletic trainer at the university level.

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The article written by the BBC News, South Asia correspondent Andrew North, describes the disastrous situation that cyclists and pedestrians are facing in India. In fact, at least three of them pass-away on the streets of the major city of New Delhi on a daily basis. They represent more than 50 percent of all the road deaths in this urban center. Likewise, this issue is also common in other Indian metropolises, such as Mumbai.

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Can college increase hooking up? While sexual attitudes have liberalized in the past half century, research is mixed as to whether attitudes have become less gendered over time. Sexual attitudes are a big factor in this research. Gender also plays a role in this research. Is there really a double standard or just ways of thinking in the gender role?

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The article “UN human rights investigator says Canada needs inquiry into missing aboriginal women” by the Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail discusses the idea of human rights. Written on October 15th, 2013, this article mainly discusses the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women. According to a senior UN rights official, the federal government should set up a national inquiry into this social issue. The Canadian government has already put forth a plan to deal with the issue of missing aboriginal women but many fear this will not be enough.

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