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The analysis of two films in relation to the aspect of confronted relationships.

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College students are constantly bombarded with stress from all aspects of life; academics, sports, friends etc. Students all have their own ways of handling stress. A lot of these ways are not healthy, and are harmful to students.

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The amount of elderly people needing care is growing, and so is the number of abuse cases that the elderly have faced.

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Organs trade is an important issue in Bangladesh, but also in other poor countries.

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Police officers and people like them have experienced many traumatic events in their career, which may cause some types of psychological and emotional damage.

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This article talks about how there are factors that impact the stigmatizing of homelessness.

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The purpose of the article is to capture the attention of people about the possible poaching of elephant tusk some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This article is specific to Uganda, but it is something that is common to countries around Uganda as well. The main point of this article is makes the readers aware that “in recent years poaching has increased across sub-Saharan Africa” (BBC, 2013).

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Organ Donation is a way to help people in need, and can be life changing. Although it comes with many benefits there are also areas that still have controversies.

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