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This article talks about Ceres, a large asteroid which is technically a dwarf planet, which gives off large amounts of water vapour into space. Ceres measures 950km across, and is located 2.7 AU away from the sun in the asteroid belt. Ceres has been seen releasing a large amount of water vapour, around 21 tonnes of it every hour. A planetary scientist named Michael Küppers suggested that asteroids along with comets might be responsible for the source of water on Earth. The vapour expelled from Ceres is largely lost in space, with only around 20% falling back on Ceres.

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Young Canadian are now accessing the Internet on their own and with their own devices. Nowadays, fewer parents feel the need to enforce rules for their children regarding Internet use. After all, a lot of teenagers own a Smartphone or a personal laptop, parents have less control over what young adults do on the Internet.

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