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Mission Old Brewery’s efforts have been slightly off key with their intended mission to resolve homelessness. I have taken a conflict theorist approach to their dilemma to bring their mission statement in line with their actions.

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I have decided a couple weeks ago that homelessness was a social issue I wanted to talk about because it is a very an issue that can be seen almost everywhere and it can happen to about anyone. In order to deepen my understanding on this particular issue, I think it is the best idea for me to volunteer in an organization that is dedicated to this cause. The particular organization I will be volunteering for is the Old Brewery Mission in Montreal.

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Keegan Stephan is a resident of New York City who has been concerned with traffic issues in his community. He has spent a considerable amount of his time to make those issues much less of a problem. He is a cyclist in New York who has been trying to make cycling a much easier and safer activity within the city. To do this he takes part in many community building activities, showing the perks of being a cyclist.

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The children of today are exposed to the Internet, and all of its wonders, far more than ever before. Is this ever increasing usage of the worldwide-web a positive or is it hindering the long-term development of these youths?

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“The Shame Of The NCAA” is about the NCAA generating revenue through the use of student athletes without paying them. The article tells the struggle of athletes who work relentlessly, and often could use even the smallest share of the millions of revenue they generate, but they never are granted anything because they are considered amateurs.

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Being homeless is usually quite a challenge. Having no money and no place to stay is enough to make a man miserable. Sometimes, however, things can become even worse for those poor people. Jason Murray, a homeless man who lives in Montreal, became the target of a beating. A man began to beat him up for no apparent reason. Bystanders witnessed the incident and did not intervene. Nobody called the police.  One person even stopped to film the beating. A woman also began to kick Murray in the face, adding that he deserved it.

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