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The person I chose to talk about has done a lot of change crime and law related during his days. He is particularly known for his acts against privacy. Louis D. Brandeis was born in 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky. He became well known as a lawyer, reformer  and associate justice. Soon after graduation he had attended Harvard Law School and opened a practice with one of his classmates. He always acted according to what the client needed. However, once he had become a sought out lawyer, his interest changed from practice of law to reform.

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Having written most of my posts this year on corruption whether it is in construction, officiating on the football field or even politics, I have chosen my final project to be the 1200 word essay. I was actually considering volunteering but I have looked at my schedule for the next month or so and it’s pretty jammed packed. I expect the 1200 word paper will be easier to manage considering that I can work on it for the next month. The academic disciplines that I will choose will most likely be either a medical approach to look at corruption; to be specific crime.

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My idea is to create environmental pairs of shoes. These shoes should be ethical because are created in Canada. They encourage the local business. They don’t exploit the young people in Canada. These shoes are made with recycled things.  On the top of these shoes, it has little bit of rocks that provide from Quebec. The price will be approachable for allowed everybody to buy it. I need your help for subvention my business. Start business in Canada is more difficult than starts business in the U.S.A.

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Montreal Mafia’s History is neither short nor pleasant. It is a story far from finished that appears to be more elaborate and obscure that what we really think. The following article will treat of the recent violence and murders that occurred at Montreal behind which the Mafia figures as a major actor. To do so, two news articles published respectively on the CTV news and on The Gazette websites, as well as an academic journal treating of organized crime related to the Mafia will be discussed and analyzed.

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With the turn of the centaury, technology has been rapidly growing. It has made life significantly easier and has even cured certain diseases. However, can everyday technology harm us? Is there are greater use for them than we can possibly fathom? According to an article titled “The Cool War” written by David Rothkopf and published by Foreign Policy on February 20, 2013, there is.

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          Rene Bruemmer from the Montreal Gazette writes about the new anti corruption squad inMontreal on January 23rd, 2013 as well as Sue Montgomery from the Montreal gazette writes aboutmunicipal workers who are “ratting out” their colleagues and the importance of funding these squads onJanuary 31st, 2013.

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