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Racism in sports has been an issue since media and sports have been introduced to each other. Especially in the 50s, 60s, and 70s it was very hard for minorities to play with ``whites``. Now a days we see minorities all over professional sports, but it seems there is still a problem with racism.

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Race is a very touchy subject in society today. It used to be that race wasn’t a problem and racism was accepted and encouraged basically everywhere. Nowadays, it is not alright. It is not alright to be racist and it is becoming less and less alright to use race in any situation. I recently read Jared Diamond’s article ``Race Without Color`` and one part I very much liked was when he said that we cannot classify people like we do with animals because it changes how we view that person. He says that when we classify someone as different than us we subconsciously justify discrimination.

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