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In the article “Just How Far Will Urban Sprawl Spread?” by Dave Levitan, he explains the impacts of explosive growth in the cities we live in. According to Levitan, “in 1990, 40% of the global population lived in cities, in 2010, we reached the 50% threshold, and the percentage is projected to jump all the way to 70% by 2050. The rapid Increase in population in cities will mean more cities, bigger cities, and of course more sprawl according to Levitan.

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In the article “Antarctic biodiversity faces increased threats despite isolation” by Monica Tan, it is argued that even if the Antarctic and Southern oceans have a decreasing biodiversity because of threats from fishing, tourism, and science programs, the protection measures have remained weak. The author argues that the severity of the problem by outlining the fact that despite the isolation of the Antarctic and Southern oceans, they have a similar limited biodiversity than the rest of the world.

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