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The article "World's great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planets warms- report" by the author Jonathan Watts is about how Global Warming and climate change affect the planet but mostly how much it affects forests and life around it. According to WWF, because of climate change from the Amazon forest to Africa, the disparition predictions and estimations are about 60% of plant species and 50% of animal species in the future 100 years. These datas are incredibly enormous and the situation is not improving, the negative consequences are incresing everyday.

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In ‘Ecosystem Service Supply and Vulnerability to Global Change in Europe’, readers see just how much global change in Europe can put ecosystems for human well-being in danger.  It is shown that large changes in climate and land use affect the ecosystem.  There can be benefits from this, such as an increase in forest area and productivity and also create more land for more agriculture as well as bioenergy production.  However, such large changes in climate and land use mostly affects the ecosystem and environment in a negative way.  Ecosystem services decrease causing vulnerability.  It is

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Environment versus population growth Larry West, an author of the website ThoughtCo., wrote an article on the impact of the population on the environment called: “Global Population and the Environment.” He says that some scientists found that population growth is the main cause of climate change and resource extraction. The earth’s population is now around seven and a half billion people and is predicted to be at nine billion by 2050.

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