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The article Race to College: The “Reverse Gap” written by William Mangino argues that a reverse gap exists in the college educational system. Mangino does an experiment using a group of 12,576 people of five different races but only focusing of whites and blacks. The author wants to break the stereotype that black people are drop outs and white people are high graduates.

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Udry, Li, and Hendrickson-Smith (2003) compared the risk of behaviour and health problems in mixed-race adolescents compared to single-race adolescents. Their main hypothesis is that mixed-race adolescents are at higher risk to have health and behaviour problems than single-race adolescents because of the stress of having to find an identity. Their stress might also come from the cultural experience of their different races.

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I am researching the issue of terrorism in America. The main topic I will be focusing on is whether or not Muslims should be temporarily banned from immigrating into the United States.

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