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This article written by Melissa Chan on October 3rd 2015 entitled “Mass. high school students suspended over racist texts mocking black class president” is about 6 students from a Massachusetts high school making racial remarks about their newly elected black senior class president. The students used many racial remarks in a group chat referring to the elected president. The students even made a petition on a website to remove him as president, the petition stated, “He shouldn’t be president, impeach him, and imagine him doing your graduation speech”.

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            In the article “Oprah Winfrey and the Handbag She Couldn’t Have” published in the New York Times on August 9th 2015 by Christine Hauser, the author states that Oprah wanted to go to a luxurious store to buy this very expensive handbag. The brand of the handbag was Tom Ford with real crocodile skin and it approximately costs about 38 thousand dollars. As soon as she walked into the store, she had her eyes set on that handbag and so she asked the employee if she could see it and hold it.

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What is your first image of denim jeans advertisements? Definitely, most of people think of a model wearing a jean. However, in Alexander Wang's advertisement, there was a huge difference. Above this picture of the girl lying on sofa, we say that she is not wearing a jean but draping it on her legs. How many of us would think that this girl is actually advertising the jean from her calf? I would say that she is selling her body. I think if someone is buying a jean from Alexander Wang's store, he or she was attired by the model's nude instead of the jean itself.

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Racial Profiling is Alive at any Age  

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