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After the devastating typhoon in which Philippines have been strucked with,many people were left homeless without food not shelter.Many people are unable to obtain drinkable water due to its shortages.Many illnesses such ascholera,hepatitis,malaria,dengue fever and typhoid fever can be found in many victims today.Although many doctors and nurses are on scene, The amount of victims that were hit from the typhoon surpase the numbers of doctors therefore many death a occuring from the lack of doctors.Researchers have found out a new parasitic disease which is an epidemic could surge out any mo

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Perspectives on Conscience Motion Picture- Welcome Director- Phillippe Lioret Cast- Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi, Audrey Dana

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Rape, how hard it is to report, and how hard it is to discredit. In the introduction she specifies that 95% of college women don’t report being raped. Meaning that only 5% of rape victims are reported to the police!

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               Many times throughout history people have asked if torture is ethical or even effective for that matter.  In John W. Scheimann’s article on interrogational torture Scheimann “aims to provide insight on an important—but less systematically examined—aspect of this problem: the effectiveness of interrogational torture in revealing clear and accurate information to the state,” (Scheimann 2012).  As mentioned in the article, the analysis of the effectiveness of torture is completely theoretical due to the lack of documentation and evidence.

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In this article it mentions the violence happening between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s which had fuelled up for these past couple of months. It had been said that explosives had gone off in a tunnel where the Israeli soldiers had been. This then caused causalities between the Palestinians and the Israelis in Khan Younis, where four Palestinians were killed and the injury of five Israeli soldiers.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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    Whether the use of force by Police is considered brutality or necessary has been a long debated question in the social community of today’s world.  In the case of this article, the first hypothesis states, “Caucasians will be more supportive of police use of force than racial minorities.”  The idea behind this hypothesis is that African Americans and other minorities generally have less positive experiences with Police Officers therefore, they will be against brutality more than Caucasians.  Through the conflict theory, which says that race effects the decisions and outcomes of police r

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The oil spill in north Dakota would be the first major oil spill, it was discovered by a landowner on September 29. It mostly hit the low land about nine miles northeast of North Dakota. This major oil spill affected the groundwater sources and lets the department of health in concern. People had never seen this much land covered in ages, they said it looked like lakes, rivers and streams. In North Dakota they have a system where they gather oil from the Bakken Shale and deliver it to another Enbridge pipeline.

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What is an issue that is growing so fast, it’s scary? The numbers are OFF THE SCALE! Obesity...

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The purpose of this article was to shame with the anti-gay laws in Russia. The main point that the author used to support his idea was that Russia’s failure to honor the Olympic Charter’s requirement of non-discrimination. The author also used Putin denying discrimination against the LGBT people to support his main idea. What makes the issue chosen a social problem is that it affects a group of people.

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In the article, “Gun Control Overview: Prevalence of Gun Use and the Regulatory Response” included in Congressional Digest the author has a fairly compelling argument supporting the Gun Control laws. According to the article, the general trend of violent crimes involving guns has been decreasing overall. For example, the rate of gun related homicides per 100,000 people decreased from 3.6 in 2000 to 3.2 in 2010 (Gun Control, 2). Although this statistic may be true, many people still protest the gun laws for many reasons that are quite compelling. Anywhere from being based on Constitutional Rights to the ideological and social values of the American people.

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