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Venezuela’s economic plans to produce oil first appeared to be a great economic and political advancement. However, the plan is starting to fall apart as costs for construction increase, as well as the increasing debt. Many (if not all) of the countries in South America were involved in this plan, however when the prices increased, countries like Guatemala backed out of the deal saying that they did not agree to higher priced rates. Furthermore, countries like Colombia and Brazil came to collect on debts that had not been paid off, leaving Venezuela economically and politically weaker.

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African leaders have requested that they should have immunity to international laws. In this article, leaders have claimed that leaving their countries for court trials will leave their countries weak and could lead to a collapse of the country in their absence. However, the situations leading to these trials include genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Requesting immunity means that they will not be reprimanded for their part to play in the violence against their own citizens. This is a social issue because it affects everyone in these countries.

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The Article, “Distracted Driving: Fast Lane to Disaster” that was published in May 2012, talks about how there is a recent rise in distracted driving because of the new digital age (cell phones, texting, navigational devices). More common now then ever people are texting/talking on the phone while driving. Distracted driving has always been an issue because people eat, drink, brush their hair, put on their makeup, check a map, change the radio station, etc., but the digital age has totally blown it out of proportion and multiplied the hazards. The Author expresses that drivers are now even more distracted with the technologies available to them.

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