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In 1993, the Clinton administration called the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the “greenest” trade agreement that has ever been completed. NAFTA and its environmental impact has been a great debate across the globe. A decade after NAFTA started, environmentalists, politicians and American citizens began to disagree with some of the facts NAFTA presented. This article will discuss the environmental point of view and economical point of view on the North American Free Trade Agreement.    Environmental perspective:  

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The Money Lust   Poaching is defined by illegally capturing wildlife animal around the world. This causes a great impact towards both economic and environmental social aspects. Poaching occurs mostly in Africa as the wild animals, such as elephants, are being hunted for their husks containing ivory. This brings a great deal of money towards the black market but damages the environment in exchange mainly causing certain species to go extinct. This article will hopefully lead the readers to fully understand what poaching is and why it is such an important illegal activity.

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  Summary of BBC News article "Hackers caused power cut in western Ukraine – US" reported on January 12th 2016 Last December in western Ukraine, a power cut caused a blackout for 80,000 people in western Ukraine’s Prykarpattyaoblenergo utility, which is said to be the first acknowledged power outrage produced by a cyber attack.

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CNN news published on August 22, 2016 an article on Ryan Lochte: ‘I over-exaggerated’ Olympics robbery story by Azadeh Ansari. In the following article U.S Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has formally apologized for his immature behaviour and false accusations during the world Olympics that took place in Brazil during 2016. Lochte claimed that after a party hosted by  team France, him and his teammates were held at gun point by Brazilian police officers demanding money.   

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