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As I was growing up till now I never knew there was a such thing called the “man box” I tough the rules of the MA box was a regular thing that a man should do. Then when this was presented to me, I saw that this is something that was tough for us from a young age. Like if something happened an that you cry he's going to tell you stuff like “man up” or “man don't cry” and much other stuff.

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Why is it that men are expected and taught from early ages not to show any emotion? If he is sad, suck it up, if he is in love, it's probably with his brain down south and not his actually heart and feelings because that's "so gay" and guys are not supposed to fall for a girl they're supposed to "smash her" and make his buddies proud, he has to pretty much be a brick wall. Yet, women, generally speaking, always say they like a man who shows emotion and shows what he truly feels and wants and will cry in front of us when something’s bothering him.

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The article "LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling's Racist Rant Caught On Tape: Report (UPDATES)" by Braden Goyette explains the situation in the NBA, where the LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, told his girlfriend that he did not want her to hang out with black people at basketball games, nor does he want he to post pictures with them on social media. On the tape, Sterling goes on by telling his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, who has been seen with Magic Johnson at basketball games, that he would rather she spend time with black people in private rather than in public, for the world to see.

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