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Climate change is one of the greatest threats faced by humanity in our time. It requires important economic, political, regulatory, technological as well as lifestyle’s changes around the world. In developed countries, where the emissions per capita tend to be much higher and where democracies are generally better implemented, such changes require the public to be well-informed and properly aware of that issue.

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Environmental Conservation: a Large Task That Requires Very Large Protected Areas  

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Geoengineering consists of using large-scale technologies to affect the Earth’s climate (Wood 1). The first set of geoengineering strategies consists of blocking the sun’s heat from getting to the Earth (Wood 3). For example, Stephen Salter suggests to make 1,500 ships permanently churn up water high enough so that it could get to the clouds, whiten them, and increase their albedo effect (Wood 3). Roger Angel would shoot ceramic disk in orbit around Earth in order to create a global sunshade (Wood 3).

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By comparing two scenarios using different scientific models, five teams of researchers analyzed how an increase in natural gas accessibility could affect global energy supply and climate forcing in the future (McJeon 1).  

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As Pascual and al. explain, because of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), emitters of greenhouse gases can compensate their climatic impact by paying an amount of money that will fund and allow a project of ecosystem conservation somewhere else in the world (Pascual 1). Hence, as the authors mention, the PES gives value to such services as carbon sequestration and water regulation (Pascual 1).  

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The conflicts between the Israeli government and the Palestinian people is an extremely complex geopolitical one that dates back to the creation of Israel itself in 1948, on the land already occupied by the people of Palestine. At first, it was believed the two peoples could share the land and live together in harmony, but it was soon to be discovered that this was not the case, with the Israelis encroaching upon Palestinian land and relocating them, even going so far as to occupy territory of other countries.

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Many overlook the detrimental environmental effects their diets pose on the surrounding environment each and every day. Although one may strongly advocate for sustainability through recycling, composting, or simply producing less, many often forget the very threats their dietary practices may cause. 

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