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In Ford's commercial featuring a new car of theirs, one of the main upgrades was the space the owner of the car would have in their trunk. To promote this feature, they decided to show that three women could fit in that trunk. The slogan of the ad was "leave your worries behind". Many different aspects of this ad could be considered offensive. I'll present this ad by explaining why it is provocative, how can ads like these play a role in our society today, and how we can fix this ad without hurting the sales.

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Marketing is a great way of promoting and influencing trends, products and convincing buyers to buy. A specific issue can raise concern on how more and more campaigns are miss leading because of the use of  “white lies” to increase consumer spending. Some famous companies such as Fit Tea, Protein world and many more,  encourage weight loss and promote their products as perfects tools to achieve this goal. Many marketing methods of persuasion used can be easily manipulated to trick the consumer.

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              Many forms of marketing in the business world have a tendency to cause controversy with their public. More specifically, companies such as Dolce&Gabanna, Guess, and Reebok have attempted to attract attention to their brand  using unethical advertisements. This Reebok advertisement is unethical because it promotes the vices of dishonesty and hatred. It follows virtue ethics considering that it shows creativity while at the same time promoting dishonesty and hatred.  

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