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Since its arrival in Europe in the 18th century, capitalism started to grow exponentially, taking over country after country. Its effects were explicit and immediate. Now, it is a root of our society, and this economical system influences every part of it, such as education. I chose to talk about an article called Does Market Competition Encourage Strategic Action In The Private Education since it discusses about the effect of our economic system in schools through interesting point of views, such as the competition that it introduces.  

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Ever since the creation of education systems, schools’ objectives kept changing. As society progressed and changed, we developed new needs, so the education system had to change to satisfy them. One of the main interests in our society is economy, which we can trace back its influence to the Industrial Revolutions. As capitalism started to grow, the education started to be slowly influenced, up to a point where it was molded by it.

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Not long ago, Canada had its 42nd election, which was then won by the Liberals. Political parties all fought hard to earn seats at the House of Commons. Like every other party, the Green Party of Canada shared their plans to resolve specific situations. One of the main issues that was targeted was economy.  

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The Liberal Party recently won with a majority. Justin Trudeau, the new Prime Minister, has been elected. We might hear about the deficit that the Liberal Party has promised shortly. Indeed, the Liberal Party wants to run deficits for three years. A deficit is a situation in which the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required or expected money1. So in the case of the Canada, instead of having a balanced budget (that means no debt), we might have a deficit that goes up to $10 billion per year for the three first year.

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The web is one of the highest growing industries, with big companies like Google and Microsoft. More jobs are created every year in this area, such as web designers, and we become more dependent to it. What attracted me in this article is that it is about a war between two of the biggest names in technology: Apple and Google.  

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Poverty is one the major problems in the world affecting a lot of countries all over the globe. It has been a struggle and a persistent problem for centuries and there is not a solution up to today. What attracted me about this article is that the author is looking at an interesting new way of helping poor countries.  

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Unfortunately, it is ever so common to hear stories concerning animal cruelty. Whether it is in the form of physical abuse or emotional neglect, these are elements that greatly affect an animal’s mental and physical health. Shockingly, there exists animal abuse towards masses of animals of the same species. Indeed, dolphins are an example of this very statement as they are slaughtered yearly in Japan, earning them a quite lucrative business.

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Social medias have gained an immense growth and popularity over the years. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have made billions and all by letting people use their service and write about their lives. This article targets a specific media which is Snapchat.  

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Stereotypes are everywhere. They are ignorant generalizations that cloud the judgment and opinions of every people who take them as truths. I chose to talk about this article because it is linked to one of the biggest and offensive stereotypes, which is that muslim people are terrorists and that their religion preaches violence.    

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Schools, parents and students all have a different perspective on whether there should be school uniforms or a dress code, or none. There are many pros and cons to take into consideration when deciding whether we find it is acceptable or not.  

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Everyone knows that the technology is progressing with an incredible speed. Nowadays, we can find new discoveries that our precedent generations have never dreamed about. One of these new technological innovations are of course robots. So what does this article talk about?

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America is one the most dangerous country with a total violent crime rate of 387.1 per 100 000 Americans. Civilians are put to risk and a lot homicides that could have been prevented by changing laws are happening. This was the case for Malachi Heisler, 18, who shot and killed an intruder.

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All around the world, the number of feminists continues to grow and they all want the same thing, which is equality to men. What excited me about this article is the subject of feminism. I always wanted to fully understand their point of view and their goals, and most importantly how they are trying to solve the problem. At the end of this month, representatives from all over the world will gather in New York to discuss sensitive subjects such as world poverty and try to make the first steps to solve those problems. One famous subject is gender equality.

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