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Microchip implants in the human body were reported to be practised as far back as 1998 by Kevin Warwick, a British scientist ("Microchip Implants Closer to Reality"). Also known as an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID, it consists of a CPU in a silicate glass that is implanted in the human body to reactivate malfunctioning nerves. This CPU is connected to external data bases which contain any medical history of the patient ("Microchip Implants Closer to Reality").

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All around the world, countries set a certain age limit in order to control the consumption of alcohol of younger people.  In the United States, the minimum limit drinking age (MLDA) is 21 years old and has been that way since 1984 when Congress passed the National Minimum Age Drinking Act. Recent disagreements on possibly lowering the MLDA in the U.S. was brought up by numerous college presidents throughout the country seeking it to be reduced to 18 years of age.

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The article Local journalism is under threat - here are some ways we can save it by Judith Townend published June 18th of 2015 presents consequences of local journalism gradual disappearance and some tentative solutions to the issue in the United Kingdom. 

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With all the pipelines construction or expansion project refused in the past, it is fair to ask whether or not Canada will give its consent to the construction of a pipeline. Kyle Bakx’s article Oil export pipelines: Will Canada ever build another?  published on January 16th 2016, by CBC news, analyses the probability that Canada will actually not give the green light to build another pipeline.

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The Syrian refugee crisis has been a long going humanitarian problem in which many countries around the world are offering their aid to help the numerous Syrians fleeing their country. This crisis has emerged back in 2011, when a civil war has begun between the Syrian rebel forces and Assad’s government forces. With the emergence of the terrorist group ISIS, it has only accentuated the departure of many Syrian refugees (“Syria: The story of the conflict.”).

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