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In Society, today, there is a relationship between family income and child bullying. The pattern is U-shaped, meaning that children with low family income as well as children with high family income are involved in bullying. Whereas children who come from families that have a median family income are much less involved in such negative actions. Although bullying occurs mostly from children who comes from low family incomes, there is a unique pattern between family income and bullying that most of us may not have realized.

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Do Social Services Matter for Child Maltreatment Prevention?: Interactions between Social Support and Parent's Knowledge of Available Local Social Services In this article (Tori Negash and Kathryn Maguire-Jack 2015) looks at how general policies to give services to the community decreases the incidence of child abuse and neglect. In the article authors gives a way to think about decreasing child abuse and neglect that many people might not think about. Authors believes that adding efforts to increase connections between parents may be effective.

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            The wage gap between men and women in the workplace is an issue that has been around for decades. The issues originate from women occupations being undervalued thus getting paid less than men with “better” jobs. Currently, women have equal positions and are still being paid less than men for doing the exact same job. This is for many unjustifiable reasons. One being that women are allocated to positions within a company that are generally lower paying.

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Education for those with disabilities is crucial to their individual success. Does the United States education system accommodate the needs of these individuals appropriately?

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In society, today, females have a higher graduation rate than males, meaning that females tend to have a higher level of education than males in the working industry. Although this is true females still tend to earn less money than males. Occupations that are generally outnumbered by women are paid less than occupations outnumbered by men. This gender inequality between occupations creates a large wage gap between males and females today.

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Tyre King, black robbery suspect, was shot by white police officer in Columbus, Ohio after running from the police. It appeared that King pulled out a BB gun which looked like an actual hand gun, from the waistband of his pants and aimed at the officer.

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The emergency to learn I was clearly not as familiar as I thought with the term "race". I had a very focussed idea on this subject and I had never thought of the million ways we could approach it. I knew about this way of dividing people into categories, but I quickly realized and learned about those categories that we call race, and the fact that they may be illogical.

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Inequality will always be present no matter where you are. Since the beginning of mankind, women were tagged as being the inferior species towards men. Through time and hard work, women battled for human rights and obtaining equality. They had no rights for education and so they were doomed to cleaning the house and raise kids. Women took a stand and fought for their rights, as if they were no different then men. They now have the legal rights to vote and educate themselves. So the idea that men and women can never really be equal is false.

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During the last two weeks of class, I learned that human beings should not be classified into "race" since it is not biological, meaning that it is society that decides whether races exist or not. However we discusses in clss and wondered why people always want to know where other people with different origins come from. For example, I have a Black friend that was born in Africa, nut now lves here in Québec. when we are togetherhe often gets asked where he is from and people always skip me due to my skin color which they assume I come from Canada since I am white.

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          When my family and I moved to Quebec from Ontario, I was still a little young to actually care in any way about how a person looked or where they came from, but let’s just say the part of my neighbourhood I grew up in was not very racially diverse. In Elementary School, I was quite obviously part of the visible minority since the school was probably 95% white. But when I joined the High School in the “less favorable” part of my neighbourhood, things started to change.

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