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In the article "Humans changed the ecosystems of Central Africa more than 2,600 years ago" published in Science Daily, the main purpose reflects on the real cause of the rainforest crisis in southern Cameroon, which was assumed to be a result of climate change (decrease in precipitation amount, increase in precipitation seasonality) , but new controversies claim that the actual cause was humankind.

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The article "Businessman plans to burn 'body parts and organs' to create energy' by Victoria Ward has for objective to show a new way of creating energy by using a different process than incinerators. Waste would be exploited with a gasification process resulting in a synthetic gas generating thermal energy (combination of plastic and biomass). The main cause of the issue is to find a cleaner way of combustion for the environment when producing energy. The author points out that it is a better technology, with better quality fuel than the large incineration companies.

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