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            Nowadays, when sexual behaviors are publicly and openly portrayed through television and other electronic media, viewers, specially people in a development period when gender roles, sexual attitudes, and sexual behavior are being shaped, will have a different perception regarding virginity of a woman.  In addition, the movement for gender equality has successfully broken down barriers between women and men. Thus, it leads to a dramatical change in conservative attitudes towards virginity and premarital sex.

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In a seemingly controversial move, the Ontario Government has canceled 3.8 billion dollars in their plan to further its investments in green energy, including solar, wind, and biofuel energy.  Since the Liberal Party introduced Long Term Energy Plan in 2013, there has been value conflict between the Liberals (party in power) and the Progressive Conservatives (opposition party) over the costs associated with the Liberal’s green energy initiatives.

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There have been many accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump. Many of the accusations have been sparked by the fact that Trump is running for president in the 2016 election.  One accusation in particle is from a woman who has chosen to remained anonymous; she is known as Jane Doe. She claims that Donald Trump raped her when she was 13. She said that immediately after it happened he threatened her and her entire family with physical harm and possibly death if she ever told anyone about what happened.

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James Yaw CMC 243-61 Radio TV Writing   James: Live from NPR news in Washington I’m James Yaw. Air quality is becoming a global issue, as a recent report by Canadian news has found that China tops the World Health Organization’s list for deadliest outdoor air pollution with a shocking 1 million deaths last year, which accounts for one-third of total deaths worldwide. William Clarke, biology major at Guelph University, has more.  

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