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I am a student at LCC and participate in the Global Issues class. Feel free to comment!


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Sea World is an amusement park that features entertaining shows performed by dolphins and Orca whales. These shows are attended by tourists who sit around a large pool cheering and shouting for Orcas to perform fun tricks with their trainer. But what these tourists do not see is how these Orcas are treated. The orcas are kept in 20 by 20 feet pools that must of the orcas are beeing squeezed within these spaces. These animals are meant to be living in wide open spaces such as the ocean, where they are supposed to live.

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Sea World captures numerous innocent animals straight out of their homes in the ocean. They use these Orca whales in entertaining shows in order to get money from kids and family's to come watch their productions. Dolphins, turtles, whales, seals etc... are all animals that sea world takes in order to benefit themselves. People began looking into the situation of sea world and begun to realize that these whales are being put into small areas to hold which results in these animals being traumatized and crazy. They should be able to swim in the large ocean where they belong.

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I do not believe the future between Iran and USA looks very bright. As of know the relationship between the USA and Iran is very weak due to the expanded economic sanctions placed on their currency and auto industry by Obama in 2013. The policies between Iran and USA will not change because of the Iranian government that is running the country. The Iranian government believes in supporting terrorism and testing nuclear weapons. These two issues scare away politicians in the USA from making deals with Iranian officials.

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Are people trying to escape North Korea? In the past couple of months there have been wooden boats popping up on Japanese shores with dead bodies. All the bodies have been decomposed. These boats are thought to be fishing boats from North Korea. Many letters have been found on the boat having “Korean Peoples Army” written on it. Is this the only way out for North Koreans? Taking a boat? The fishermen from North Korea are a selective few who do not have to work in the labor camps and can actually leave the mainland.

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San Bernardino, CA. On December 2, 2015 the 355th mass shooting this year occurred in the United States of America. Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were a couple that carried out an attack on co-workers at a municipality building during a Christmas event. The attack is thought to be very well planned out with several firearms bought, a rented car, many homemade bombs, and detailed plans. The public has not yet found out whether or not this is an act of terror or work rage. Information has been leaked about the couple contacting extremists in America and in the Middle East.

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The month of November has been an eye opener to say the least. Early in the month, the gruesome terrorist attacks on Paris took place, and now, as the month has come to an end, an unruly statistic has emerged. In November alone, Canada sadly lost 35,700 jobs. The amount of public-administration jobs dropped by 32,500, which is a pretty crazy statistic when you look at 32,000 increase in jobs in the month of October. The number is so drastic that it was enough to raise Canada’s unemployment rate up by one tenth of a percentage up from 7 to 7.1%.

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I am a student at LCC and participate in the Global Issues class. Feel free to comment!

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