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The concept of protecting our young from danger is an essential part of life, for humans and all other animals on our planet. How we go about the raising of these children however, is something that has changed greatly over the decades and become a war of words between those enforcing stricter safety and rules and those who support independence and fun despite possible dangers. This article in particular focuses on a case that happened in Beaconsfield, Quebec this past January where a man refused to take down the snow fort in his front yard after it had been deemed dangerous by the town.

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Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east, and is ranked last by the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report (which mixes political and economic empowerment, health and education) making it « the worst place for women on earth ». Admittedly, one as observed progress since a few years. The Arab Spring has had incontestable consequences on the women’s ability to speak up. Indeed, they had a very strong role in the revolution - which started in early 2011, by taking over the streets, and burning their niqab to protest against inequalities in a context of democratic transition.

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