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I think that the man box can be portrayed differently if there wasn’t the outs side of the box consequences. I don’t agree with all the different things that the inside of the man box contains but there are a few that should be taught to younger boys. In my opinion they should be courageous and should be able to be a leader, and in control. It’s just how we teach younger boys to become these male ideals. Violence is not a necessary way to show that one is strong or tough.

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            In the article called “Talking to Small Children About Race” by Anne Theriault, really hits home to many families across the nation.  Many parents either don’t see or understand that racism is still an issue, or parents never truly get to sit down with their children and have a good long talk about what it (race) is because they just don’t know how.  There still a larger majority of parents, according to this article, who play the ‘colour blindness’ card.  Colour blindness is when someone does not think that people are necessarily different colours, but they think that everyone

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In the article “Racism is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About it” by Craig and Marc Kielburger they talk about racism still being around in Canada and almost any “race” is subjectable to it. They start off by talking about Canada’s minister for Multiculturalism and how he was a subject of racism in an Edmonton tennis club for being a Canadian Sikh.  He overheard a woman whispering about how she can’t believe the tennis club was allowing Sikhs to become members and continued on by saying she doesn’t believe that the minister had a job.

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