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Just as the 2015 Canadian Election has come to a closure, Justin Trudeau, leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, became the new prime minister of Canada. In Canada politics, we see a lot of political parties each having different issues and concerns about the whole country. Some are pretty well-known and obvious and some are not. In our case, we will study an issue related to a political party that's not well-known in our society, as well as our media.

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Coming back for the 2015 Canadian federal elections, the Rhinoceros party had now been promoting new ideas. For the ones who know this political party, it is clear that they are absolutely ridiculous. Let me show you some of their ideas:1- Repeal the law of gravity2- Promote higher education by building taller schools3- Ban Ikea and Android phones4- A rhinoceros for every Canadian Citizen5- Make gluten free items illegal

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Happiness! A simple word, but yet, a word that can be very difficult for many people to understand the true meaning of it. While it does have the same common idea for many, each person does have its own criteria to describe how happy we are and the way to pursuit and achieve happiness is different from one to another. To get the main points of the article, happiness is a state that represents having a meaningful life, meaning that you live with thought and purpose.

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Whenever I see people with their electronic devices in their hands texting their friends and chatting with them, I always asked myself this question: is texting really necessary in our daily lives? In brief, texting can quite be an issue, when socializing with our friends, for many reasons. An example needed? When you text, you might be worried about how long it takes your friend to properly respond to your previous message, since your friend might be busy (that's one of the cases, but there are many others). Another example of situation?

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Social medias have gained an immense growth and popularity over the years. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have made billions and all by letting people use their service and write about their lives. This article targets a specific media which is Snapchat.  

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I'm sure that most of you people heard about that major event that happened in Quebec back in 2012: the major student protest. That's one of the few examples of the right to strike. To summarize the article, the right to strike is a fundamental right according to the chart of rights and liberty of Quebec. This right is basically a good way to put heavy pressure against the government when a big group of people is not in favor of a certain law or change since it might affect the group.

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Have you ever wondered how young children work just like adults working on jobs such as the construction sector? Well, unfortunately, child labour sill occurs during this time period in other countries in the world due to multiple reasons, such as a different education system (less time in classes for children to help their parents at work) and poor living conditions for the population. This article focuses more on the China perspective of the issue.

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Women from all over the world have voluntarily participated in a form of advertising that is misogynist and sexist. The patriarchal worldview influences the way people think, and convinces them that the sexualisation and objectification of women in advertising is something to be considered normal. Both men a women are victims of this system, especially since the 2000’s because of our accessibility to the media.

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            The article ''School Principal Fired After Racist Remark About 'Black People' At Graduation'' written by Hilary Hanson on May 14th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling and disgraceful moment during a private high school graduation. The author gives us insight on an incident which took many by surprise. She begins by explaining that the high school principal, who is white, was very frustrated when parents weren't listening to her speech and called out ''Look who's leaving!

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‘’I’ll better ****ing catch the bus.’’ ‘’**** this guy!’’ ‘’That’s bull****’’. Words that we hear every day in our lives. When we talk with friends, go to parties, in schools, etc. Swearing became in our today’s society a natural part of the human’s speech development. To summarize the article, swearing words are generally used to express our thoughts and feelings about a certain topic of a discussion that does have quite of a big impact on someone.

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I chose this article in particular, because what excited me when reading this study article is the fact that today's teenagers do suffer a lot of depression and of anxiety, which can be a big issue for our young children and their environment around them. In a nutshell, this study demonstrates the most important reasons and issues of why do teenagers do suffer a lot from mental depression and anxiety.

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