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            Whether it’s by a premium streaming service, television, online, or in theatres, people are consuming hours upon hours of television and film. These videos, episodes, series, and movies, are not always suited for all audiences. The question remains whether some should not be suited for any audience at all. Very few people would argue against the idea that domestic violence is wrong. The ethical dilemma lies in deciding whether these strong, hyper-masculine characters in the media are every man and woman’s dream, or are they actually romanticized abusers.

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 Products including coffee, clothing, toys and shoes are typically considered normal goods in our western consumerist society however in developing countries, these products are often the reason children and adults are put to work in sweatshops. The workers are subject to unfair working conditions that are harmful to their health and well being. The work conditions are but not limited to unfair salaries, long hours, and unsanitary environments. Major companies such as La Senza, Nike and Wal Mart still use sweatshops despite the negative consequences of it.

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