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Ask any average student what is essential for his or hers survival during exam season and its most likely the first answer will be coffee. A great number of students, myself including, go to Starbucks in the evening to get a soothing atmosphere and fuel to prevent us from falling asleep in our notes.

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In my article summary I describe the dangers of drinking alcohol in college environments and then hooking up with unfamiliar people. This danger that many people in college can relate can have many negative outcomes.

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All too commonly we assume that the urban populations are more involved in violence and drugs. This is not the case however; as you read you will soon see that not only are urban and rural school statistically equal in rates of violence and drugs but minorities and whites have the same involvement rates too. This is an eye opener for those educating our teens and many parents. Stereotypical assumptions are far too misleading.

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Keegan Stephan is a resident of New York City who has been concerned with traffic issues in his community. He has spent a considerable amount of his time to make those issues much less of a problem. He is a cyclist in New York who has been trying to make cycling a much easier and safer activity within the city. To do this he takes part in many community building activities, showing the perks of being a cyclist.

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College Presidents are pushing for lowering the drinking age to 18. Is it a good idea or a terrible idea?

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Cyberbullying is fairly common among the younger communities and people have a hard time deciding how to deal with it.

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Hookah smoking is fast growing among youth of today.It helps in socializing among friends but its health risks and safety are the problems at hand. This lays out the evils behind hookah smoking on whether it's safe or not.

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