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Many diseases have symptoms that are visible to the eye like cancer, Parkinson or muscular dystrophy. The people who are affected by these diseases tend to be noticed by the population and attract unwanted stares. Although these people can fell like they are being pitied or judged, having a visible disease has its advantages or may I say, having an invisible disease has its disadvantages.

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The issue of aboriginal abuse in Canada and the United States has been an ongoing one for many years now, and it is just recent that it has gotten more attention in the news and in the academic world.

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On July 27 2015, New York Times posted an article discussing how the suicide rates are increasing and the reason for it is because everyone strives to be perfect. According to the article suicide rates among 15 to 24 year olds have increased from 9.6 deaths per 100,000 to 11.1 deaths. A survey done by college counselors found that 50 percent of their clients have extremely bad cases of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression; it has risen by 13 percent in just two years.

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An organization named Heads & Hands on the south shore aims to promote physical and mental well-being for youth. They approach this by being non-judgmental and allow anyone to be welcomed in. There are multiple small events that you are able to go to and volunteer for the day. If you believe you would like to volunteer you may contact them at or call them at 514-481-0277

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     The number of children that kill themselves is small, however it is not zero. The federal government in Canada states that 1.8 in 100,000 children between the ages of 10 to 14 died due to suicide. I was able to find 3 articles posted in different locations in regards to the issue about the increase in child suicide. The first article was published on the Huffington Post talking about Canada’s crisis of child suicide, the second is about how an 11 year old committed suicide due to bullying and the third about how in Hong Kong more children commit suicide than die in accidents.

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   On February 5th 2016, an article on Huffington Post Canada highlights the protest a group of boys from California’s Buchanan High School took part in. A recent dress code was enforced at this High School in regards to the boys banning long hair and earrings, and that only girls were to be able to wear dresses or skirts. Therefore, both female and male students of this high school tested this new policy switching gender norms. The students also began a petition with already 3,500 signatures. One student named Emma Sledd states that what they wear does not define them as students.

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    December 4th 2015, Jen Kirsch, a relationship columnist, posted on the Huffington post about her worst day ever. Her body seemed to have a stroke-like reaction causing her whole left side of her body to go completely numb. Following her numbing body, her heart began palpitating and could not speak or move any part of her body. She was able to tell her then boyfriend to call her father because it had never happened before and Jen believed that she was going to die. The concierge of the venue that she was at called 9-1-1 requesting an ambulance.

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A male traveller who was journeying from Halifax to Toronto on Thursday, January 21 2013 was refused boarding the aircraft as he was carrying prescribed leaf marijuana for medical purposes in his baggage.   Michael Korchak, a twenty five year old passenger, was travelling through Air Canada to Toronto to reunite with his family in Burlington just in time for Christmas. Due to strict travel policies, the gate agent at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport did not permit the traveller to carry the prescribed marijuana as it contradicted the airport’s policy.  

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On December 22, 2015 Paul Delean posted an article on the Montreal Gazette stating that the Quebec cabinet allowed Arianne Phosphate, a mineral exploration company, to mine the Lac à Paul region which is calculated to be a 1.2 billion dollar opportunity. The mining is said to begin in spring 2016 and will produce roughly 3 million tons of phosphate a year which will be sold to North America and Europe. La Fondation Rivières is opposed to this idea and has demanded that the Quebec cabinet post-pone this idea until it is clear that the mining will not damage the environment. La Fondation Rivière’s concern about the environment has not been addressed yet. This issue is concerning and people should be informed of this, to help stop Arianna Phosphate, through protesting or other means to stop them from destroying land.

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Coaches are extremely influential individuals in a child’s life when they are participating in a sport or any physical activity. Some coaches have a positive effect on children while others can negatively impact their mental health and overall academic and athletic performances. It is hard to imagine and admit that many coaches have demonstrated mental abuse on such athletes. This can be considered as bullying.

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Briana Jones

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Counterpoint: YouTube Lowers the Quality of Entertainment. By: Rich, Alex K., Wagner, Geraldine, Points of View: YouTube, 2013

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