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The Supreme Court of Canada decided to accept the construction of a ski resort in British Columbia even though First Nations claim it is a sacred land for them. The judge supported the explanation that the Charter right to freedom of religion does not have to protect the “focal point” of the worship, but the worship itself. The project has been an issue for 26 years, but it was not accepted until just now. The place in question is called Jumbo Valley and it is considered sacred by the Ktunaxa Nation.

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Years after years, technological advances do not fail to surprise us and change our daily lives, but the imminent failure of culture to keep up with evolving information systems is a recurrent issue. This is why the Government of Quebec announced their implication and investment. This money will be distributed in different sectors of culture. For starters, the information press will receive $36 million over a five-year period to render their numerical technologies more actual and collect pertinent data more effectively.

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The Anglophones are exhausted, says an article in the Montreal Gazette. Gary D. Shapiro the author of “Forty Years After Bill 101, Anglophones are Tired, Apathetic” says that the OQLA (Office Québécois de la langue anglaise) was established in 1996 because the English language in Quebec was disappearing. In 2017, the OQLA is closing its doors, and the reason is lack of empathy. The author argues that it is important to show the injustice and abuse by the OQLF (Office Québécois de la langue française).

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The Catalan people have a distinct identity, which dates far back even before Spain formed, from that of Spaniards. They are one of the most distinct peoples in Spain, which led them, after the Franco dictatorial regime where its autonomy was suspended, to be one of the most self-governing regions of Spain, alongside with the Basque Country. On October 1st of 2017, another referendum, this time binding, was held by the Catalans, again with Spanish constitutional court opposition because steps toward independence are unconstitutional to an “indissoluble unit” Spain.

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Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister of Canada, has come up with a new plan in order to refresh and refashion Canada’s culture. More specifically, she looked at a way of making our culture stronger by concentrating on digital culture to adapt to the constant technological evolution. This is why Canada invested $500 millions with Netflix for Canadian content and committed to $25 million for more French-content on its platform. Because the contract was signed under the Investment Act, Netflix may be subject to fines from the government if they do not honor their part of the deal.

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TransCanada has canceled a project to construct a pipe that would pass through Montreal, towards Saint John N.B. after protestations from the citizens of Montreal. The mayor, Denis Coderre, has stated how this victory is a crucial step towards removing the collateral damage the pipeline would’ve created. A leak from the pipe would’ve led to major consequences to the surrounding area. Managing to stop the creation of the new pipeline is a way to tell a message to companies in the energy sector that they need to create a source of renewable energy.

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The news article “Toronto students reconsider Quebec universities after Bill 62” expresses how Bill 62 is forcing many students to re-evaluate getting an education in the province of Quebec. This new law prohibits people who wear face coverings from receiving any sort of public service, whether it be provincial or municipal. This new bill prompts debate for if it is targeting Muslim women. Many individuals say that the initiation of Bill 62 gives the impression that Muslims are not welcome in the province of Quebec anymore.

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Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, announced her resignation from her position, effective December 15th, 2017. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, re-emphasized the importance for the country to observe reconciliation between Aboriginals and other Canadians: the possibility of having an Indigenous candidate to replace Ms. McLachlin would be the perfect occasion to demonstrate the sincerity of these affirmations. After the screening process, only a small population of very well qualified Indigenous people were identified.

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