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There is an increasingly significant amount of students, faculty and staff members who openly identify themselves as, Transgender (Trans*). Transgender is defined as, an umbrella term used to describe people who differ from social gender norms. For some people it is when their assigned sex at birth and personal internal sense of gender identity differ (The Trevor Project, 2014).

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With the new release of the update for iPhone, everyone has been talking about it. It’s nearly a new phone. One of the main reasons that they are still at the top is because they surprise their clients with new and better ideas. Although it looks similar to the android model of personalization, it still meets the high remarks of most people.  Seven new attachments have been added to the following update. It has a cleaner look, everything is better resolution and has a slick look.

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  It has been a long time since the homosexual couples have fought for their rights and for the respect they deserve as individuals. Nowadays, many countries have legalized same-sex marriage and many places in the world have even developed a gay village. However, this path leading to equality does not please everyone. In Russia, for example, the government does not even recognize the same-sex couple parents as legit. What interested me about this title is that it wants to remove from a child the love of his parents.

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