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           In the early year of 1986, Chernobyl plant located in Ukraine exploded. The nuclear power plant was built near the city of Pripyat which caused many dead lives. Moreover, the men working in the plant died immediately after the accident. Nowadays, people intoxicated by the tragedy are suffering from thyroid cancer. However, the Chernobyl plant is now open to the world and is a beautiful place to visit. The Chernobyl plant have causes serious damages in Ukraine.

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There are a lot of “eye-catching buildings” in Japan. For example, castles, temples, shrines, high towers, modern buildings and other traditional buildings. Today, I would like to introduce an eye-catching “bridge”. If you see the bridge, you may feel excited. “The great Seto Ohashi Bridge” is the eye-catching bridge in Japan. Most of you may not know about the bridge, so I’ll explain the basic information of the bridge, the history, and how to enjoy it.

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To begin, many wars have been declared in different countries. Many people die everyday. Our planet is not a safe place anymore. Moreover, we often here the media talking about the end of the world. Each one of us is responsible for destroying our nature. There are too many cars which cause bad smoke slowly killing our atmosphere. To many trees cut down, so less and less oxygen left for humans. The world is sick. To continue, people in the under-developed countries are starving. They do not have enough money to live a better life.

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