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Here is a letter which I wrote to Mr. Mich Landreau, the Mayor of New Orleans concerning the non-sustainability of his city.   claudia_mayor.docx

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Here is the first step which I have taken towards the creation of a sustainable tour of the Middle East.  This is an informative pamphlet which would be given to prospective tourists (before their trip) so that they can be better informed about sustainable practices.  The next step will be to publish the full 7-day itinerary of the tour that I am creating, along with the full pre-trip briefing that the travellers will receive before embarking.

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By: Charles Martel, Sofiya Taver and Anthony Patulli The issue chosen is e-waste pollution, the environmental damages caused by electronic debris. About 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year throught the world with a significant portion of it being exported to UK shores and China to be recuperated and transformed. This crude and long process leaves time for persistent and harmful pollutants to be released continuously from the these large heaps of heavy metals, leaving many areas unbreathable. 

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Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi, Samuel Leger and Wallace Lou

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